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Licat Ingranaggi Gear Systems Standard Production Catalogue

  • Straight, helical, double-helical external-toothed gears, finished using MAAG machinery, max. outside diameter 3000 mm, max width 450 mm.
  • Straight or helical external-toothed gears, with trimmed profile, max. outside diameter 2000 mm, max width 200 mm.
  • Straight or helical external-toothed gears, with ground profile, max. outside diameter 1600 mm, max width 700 mm.
  • Internal gears, max. inside diameter 2500 mm, max. width 200 mm · Worm screw gearing with max. diameter 1400 mm
  • Gears for all types of chains and timing belts, max. diam. 2000 mm · Gleason straight, spiral and Zerol gears
  • Trapezoidal screws with max. length 3000 mm or above
  • Standard and special worm screws
  • All types of splined shafts, max. trimmed length 3000 mm, ground up to a length of 2000 mm in the splined part
  • All types of toothed joints up to 1200 mm diameter
  • Complete heavy overhaul for gearboxes, multipliers and transmission units, with return to as new condition, together with technical upgrades and/or requested modifications, for heavy duty machine tools, naval propulsion units, power plant in general and railway use
  • Milled racks, max. length 3500 mm, max width 350 mm, max mod. 24
  • Ground racks, length 2600 mm, width 350 mm, max. mod. 14
  • High precision ground frontal joints
  • Toothing from mod. 0.2 to 30 and above, with non-standard pressure angle and proportions.
  • Calculations and checking of toothing technical data
  • Spare parts for machine tools, presses, marine engines
  • Toothed conical punches
  • Toothed sectors
  • Slots and keyways, max. width 430 mm on max. 7000 mm high parts
  • Helical milling on drums and cylinders
  • Flat cam milling
  • Frontal and involute toothing
  • Toothing with swell and profile correction

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LICAT is proud to present its new range of special high-precision rack and pinion mechanisms, designed to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding market which requires stringent performance levels combined with operating smoothness, lack of noise and meshing accuracy.

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