Licat obtains the EN 9100:2009 Quality System Certification for Aeronautical and Aerospace industry

In June 2016, the Quality Management System of Licat received from R.I.NA. the EN 9100 Certification. The gears and precision transmission components supplier has now the official confirmation of his status of “specialist for the aeronautical and aerospace industry.”


The EN 9100 standard is specifically conceived for companies that develop and produce components for the aeronautical and aerospace industry . The compliance with the standards allows our company to be confirmed as a direct supplier of companies operating in these specific industries, and for “flying pieces” production. The EN 9100 certification allows Licat to streghten and expand its market share in the aerospace industry.

The standard requires companies and their collaborators to manufacture their products in order to minimize the potential risks related to aerospace applications. The EN 9100 is essentially an evolution of the ISO 9001 process-oriented and risk management, mainly focused on traceability, first piece testing (F.A.I. – First Article Inspection) and the production process planning and monitoring.

«This new condition allows us to move in a more focused way in the growing markets of aviation, aerospace and defense industry» – declare Davide Cucchi, Licat’s Business Development Director.«We are now able to propose ourselves in a proactive way for getting new orders requiring EN 9100 compliance. The result is a strengthened commitment to quality, which involves our company at every responsibility level. The EN 9100 certification, rather rare condition for a gears and precision transmission components supplier, means that Licat, with over 55 years of experience, is highly motivated to constantly improve the quality standards, for all Clients advantage, including those operating in industries that do not impose these standards.»

RINA ISO 9001 - EN 9100 Certification