Naval propulsion

We supply, to Customer request, high precision gearing, dual gears for crankshaft, gearwheels for camshaft, drive pumps gearing and toothed flywheels for 2 stroke / 4 stroke diesel engines, including ecological bi-fuel and common-rail versions.

Railway traction

We can supply gearing, gear transmission wheels and complete units for diesel and electric rail traction use, to Customer specifications.

Energy, Oil & Gas

We provide, on Customer specification, high precision gears, transmission shafts, couplings for accessory gearboxes, load gearboxes, for gas turbines and oil extraction plants. We supply complete units in total supply. We also make complete overhauls and retrofit for existing units.

Aeronautical and Aerospace

We supply gears and transmission parts for aeronautical and aerospace fields, in total supply, complete machining or for specific operations. Thanks to EN 9100 Management System certification, we are able to supply structural and flying parts, made with composite and metallic materials for aeronautical and aerospace industries.

Machine tools & automation

We design and manufacture complete high precision linear transmission solutions for heavy duty machine tools (gantry machines, boring machines, grinding machines), as described in the Licat standard product catalogue. Alternatively, we can supply customised solutions to satisfy specific requirements.

Tridimensional measuring machines

We produce zero backlash gearing and high precision linear transmission racks.

Paper production machinery

We manufacture special gearing for paper drying processes, toothed bell housings, splines, transmission units, all customised for paper production machinery.

Printing and flexography machinery

We supply gearing and high precision gears specifically designed for printing and flexography machinery.

Complete heavy overhaul for gearboxes, multipliers and transmission units, with return to as new condition, together with technical upgrades and/or requested modifications, for heavy duty machine tools, naval propulsion units, power plant in general and railway use

We can carry out complete general overhauls, technical upgrades and Customer requested modifications of existing units, including dimensional inspection of housings, gearing, components, and non-destructive testing with trained Licat personnel with 2° level SNT-TC-1A grades. Where the original drawings are missing, we are able to take sample complete measurements, using 3D machinery, in order to prepare all the technical documentation necessary to undertake the task in hand.

Extruders and plastic moulding machines

We are able to satisfy specific Customer requirements for the supply of complete assemblies, high performance gearing and special profile gearwheels for extruders and plastic moulding machines.

Hydraulic and mechanical presses

We manufacture gearing with helical or double-sided external toothing, eccentric gears, pinions and drive racks.

Injection moulding machines

We manufacture guide racks and torsion toothed shafts for the positioning of tilting tables for rubber injection moulding machines.