BI-MU Milan 2022, 33rd edition 12-15 October, Fiera Milano

We participated in Milan with Romani Components at the latest edition of BI-MU – Machine Tools, Robots, Automation.

This is a reference fair in the manufacturing industry sector that presents the latest innovations in factory and process automation (instrumentation and control) and electronic production and components.

It offers a wide range of solutions and technological alternatives to deepen your knowledge on the subject thanks to a series of professional meetings.
In the following videos you can view interviews with Davide Cucchi, our Chief Operating Officer e Technical Director for Romani Components.



BI-MU 2022: Interview 1, Davide Cucchi

“We are presenting at the fair a production dedicated to linear transmission. This is a product and sector that has historically been the competence of Romani Components, which this time, however, has the opportunity to add manufacturing expertise thanks to the acquisition of LICAT, which took place in February this year.”

“We therefore have possibilities now to assist the customer right from the initial stages of design, with a support that is no longer just aimed at selling standard products, but has the possibility of customising these standard products or even conceiving and developing ad hoc solutions together with the customer on specific needs.”

“Therefore, this merger is very important, because we are able to give complete customer support, having, as far as the sales force is concerned, a very in-depth knowledge and know-how at the production level, and as production the possibility of being supported by a capillary sales force capable of intercepting market shares that we previously had a little more difficulty in serving and satisfying.”

“We make tailor-made solutions that are not to be built from scratch, therefore with lead times with fast customer requirements, but enjoying and benefiting from products available in stock in our warehouse in Rho that we can customise within a short time, enjoying this production reality that is available for these service and customisation activities.”

“The brands represented by the Romani Components group are:

SBC with regard to linear guides
YYC (Yuan Yi Chang, Machinery Co, Ltd) with regard to rack and pinion gearboxes
KOFON Motion Group with regard to gearboxes

and all complementary activities that allow ROMANI to use LICAT as a European hub on behalf of the representatives for development and prototyping testing services.”

“Our growth strategies are to become less and less of suppliers and more and more of partners for customers, but this cannot be done with loyalty based solely on personal relationships, but on the ability to give concrete answers.”

“This then allows us to have a greater awareness of being able to integrate our respective experiences and to move as a group, being able to have and become a point of reference for customers so that together we can meet these challenges.”

“The market is complicated, the surrounding situations don’t help us, politics usually hinder us… here, all this somehow has to have a counterbalance of responsiveness that with this merger we believe can have a concrete implementation.”



BI-MU 2022: Interview 2, Davide Cucchi

“Good morning everyone, we are at the 33rd BI-MU on the LICAT – Romani Components stand. We have great news to present, both at company level and at product level.”

The two companies have recently merged into a single entity, the novelty concerns the fact that we are finally combining a sales force represented for over 20 years by Romani Components with LICAT, which represents a manufacturing knowledge in the field of gears and linear transmission of over 60 years.”

“On a product level, we are therefore presenting innovations on the backlash-recovery transmission side. We have exhibited gearboxes with elastic backlash recovery at the mechanical level, and a whole range of innovative products regarding linear transmission.”

“We then move on from the classic racks with high performance or normal profile, and then to the screws and guides with solutions that are able to respond to a market that has increasingly growing and stringent requirements in terms of performance, but also quality and logistics with reduced delivery times, and therefore with warehouse availability that cannot only be linked to free bargaining on orders, but with back-ups of important stock that Romani Components can guarantee.”

“All this allows us to form a group that can really verticalise requirements and give a concrete answer to the current needs of what are the supplies in the linear transmission machine tool field.”

“We look forward to meeting you and thank you for your attention.”